Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

Madison, Wisconsin – Sunday

Breakfast: Waffles with jam, maple syrup, cottage cheese.

A morning walk around the block.

We are followed by this conspicuous
yet sinister-looking fellow.

The woods behind the Baldwins’ home
have public fireplaces installed.

Mark discovers an ancient pyramid…

…with mysterious, cryptic markings.

Nearby, I discover an ancient school
with a mysterious climbing-frame.

An evidently effective local road-sign.

There he is again!
This time the sneaky thing’s trying to hide!

We quickly make our way home.

In the afternoon, we drive West to Inshallah.

Passed some long-horns.

The Inshallah cabin…

..and the view across the pond.

Mark goes fishing – and catches a real live fish!

American Gothic

Christina and Mark

Oh, dear.

Home time.

Dinner is at the Blue Moon. I have a ‘Pile Driver’ consisting of 1/2 lb beef,
slices of ham, and three cheeses. Plus fries. And beer.

To Monday…