Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

Five Go Mad in Derbyshire

July 2005 and it’s sun, motorbikes, pubs, and lots of winding roads…

The first to arrive at the Crich Lane Farm B&B.

We go for a walk and we spot a strange creature through the bushes.

Then we spotĀ another strange creature through the bushes. It’s Mark!

The Three Horseshoes, where we had our first night’s meal.

A wonderful early-morning view of a Peak District valley.
( Click for larger image )

We stop to feed the horses some grass…

…while we descend into the depths of the Blue John Cavern.

Oooooh! Look up there.


Yikes! Just some rusty railings between us and oblivion.
Time to go up…

…and up, and up, to the top of Mam Tor.

Popular with Paragliders…

…and manly hill-walkers.

The valley overlooked by Mam Tor (and us).
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It’s not too long before we find ourselves a pub.

And later on, another pub, The Horse and Jockey, where we have our second night’s meal.

And so to the Cat & Fiddle, and the famous winding road
so beloved of bikers and ambulance men.

Kelley on Number Five from “Short Circuit”.

Angela on her Honda WXYZ9000 Betamax SLR Superwhizz (or something like that)

And Mark on a bolt of lightening. Ouch!

Are we cool or what?!

A quick cool coke, and back home we go.

On reflection, it’s been a real fun weekend!