Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

Walking in Northern Cyprus

May 2005, and I find myself hiking around the mountains of Northern Cyprus.


Abbey of Bellapais

Home of Lawrence Durrell, above Bellapais

Plaque above doorway

Bellapais and the Abbey

Odd-shaped pine cones

The Great Inn at Nicosia


St Hilarion Castle

View from the castle


Kantara Castle

A 360 view from the top of Kantara
(click for larger version)


The group in Famagusta

View over Famagusta from the Land Gate
(click for a larger version)

Inside Othello’s Tower

The ancient city ruins of Salamis

Traditional way to end the day


On the road to Buffavento Castle
(can you spot the castle?)

Buffavento Castle

(Don’t worry – it’s dead)

High and steep

Don’t look down!

I said don’t look down.

Proof I made it to the top

An evening back in Bellapais


(click for larger version)

The Armenian monastry

Lemonades all round

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Harbour

And the harbour on our last night

Nicely arranged tables!

Cheers, everyone!


I’d like to give a big Thank You to everyone I met on the trip.
When I was on the plane to Cyprus I didn’t know what to expect.
What I got was one of the most enjoyable trips ever!

Here’s to our brilliant, ever-cheerful guide.
Here’s to our faithful, fearless driver.
Here’s to the mountains, sun, and sea of Northern Cyprus.

But most of all,
Here’s to the fantastic people I met that made my trip so much fun.

 Chin Chin!