Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

Finding the Right Liberator

Liberating a country requires rare skills and dedication, and finding the right liberator for your country can be a difficult task at the best of times – let alone during the turmoil of an uprising!

There are many qualities you must consider when choosing the right liberator, but thankfully we have put together a selection of questions you might like to use. These are taken from a real case study that resulted in a successful liberation!

We’re not promising you’ll find your perfect liberator, but hopefully the following will help a little in your quest for a new world order.

How long have you been liberating countries? How did you start?

Do you enjoy liberating countries? What exactly motivates you?

Briefly explain the process you would employ to liberate a country.

Can you describe a problem you encountered while liberating, and what you did to overcome it?

We have only a small country here. Would it be something you would consider liberating?

We offer very good pay and benefits. For instance, of the countries in this region, we’re proud to pay within the upper quartile.

You will, of course, be entitled to a company horse.

Also, you’ll receive an unlimited supply of our finest cigars.

And finally, with each evening meal you’ll have a choice of a free drink. You can choose between a Mojito and a Cuba Libre.

Good luck, and Happy Liberating!