Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

Madison, WisconsinĀ – Monday

Breakfast: Fruit compote, pancakes, sausages.

A walking tour of Madison starts with
a stroll along Lake Mendota.

Boats of the “Hoofer Sailing Club”.

Would you really want to swim with hungry ducks?
What would they try to nibble?

“That’s where Page works” – the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

“Potbelly Sandwich Works”,
home of “The Wreck”.

Cutlery will never be the same again.


Where the “Reverend” wasn’t playing.

The State Capitol and its corridors of power.

The Starfish fossil in the marble stairway,
with a coin (a quarter) for size comparison.

Looking out from the top of the Capitol – to see what we could see.

The best cheese shop in Madison, with funny-shaped cheeses.

The Great Dane brew pub, where we spent a hoppy afternoon (hic!).

Oh, no! He used his Stealth Mode to creep up on us!
Quick – Run!

To Tuesday…