Footstep in the sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2008

I completed the Square Mile Run on Thursday evening, and have consequently raised well over one hundred pounds for Crisis, the charity for single, homeless people. A big thankyou to all of you who supported me with your sponsorship. Together with my colleagues at Rabobank, we’ve managed to raise over 2,500 pounds.

It was a pretty mad run, with the course set on public pavements and not cordoned off in any way, apart from some cones down the middle of the the Millennium Bridge. The poor members of the public looked like rabbits caught in car headlights as 2,700 runners stampeded along the embankment from St Paul’s to the London Eye and back again.

However, the big question is – did I manage to complete the 3.5 miles within my target of 30 minutes? Unfortunately, I can’t be sure! Yes, I timed myself, but – the course was rather longer than the advertised 3.5 miles. A fellow runner with a GPS watch clocked it as being around 4.25 miles. I calculated that I would have done 3.5 miles in around 31 minutes at best. A personal best, but still a minute over my target.

Looks like I’ll have to start running in the dark winter months instead of lazily staying in and drinking warm whisky toddies!